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Pilates in action

Why choose us?
Helena Bradwell combines the best principles of Pilates with Sports Science and research from the 21st century, taking a modern contemporary approach to an old exercise discipline.

You will be taught by highly qualified teachers at the studio, with many years' experience in Pilates machinery, mat classes, sports massage, remedial exercise and sports therapy.

Helena offers personal training on a one to one basis and small private group sessions limited to six. Clients are screened and given individual advice and attention throughout the class.

It is worth noting that there are many types of Pilates classes around, some Pilates based classes are run by teachers who have only taken a couple of days training or by an instructor incorporating Pilates exercises in their classes, despite themselves never had any training at all. Whilst these classes may be taught by excellent teachers, Pilates taught without the right training can do you more harm than good, this is not ideal if you have more specialist needs recovering from injury or want personal sessions.

What to look for in a Pilates class

Helena Bradwell
Oxfordshire Pilates Centre
Tannery Court
Ock Street

Tel: 01235 555395

Email: helenabpilates@gmail.com